Graduate and Professional Research

Graduate students at Mercer work closely with highly published, cited and funded faculty. Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment give students in the fields of science, medicine and technology the skills and experience necessary to thrive in a professional research environment.

Students earning degrees in disciplines such as education and theology work alongside experienced faculty members to complete projects that not only increase the value of their degrees, but also make a difference in their fields of study.

The collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of our graduate research programs turn students into scholars who gain a competitive edge through their work.


Featured Projects


Dr. Ajay Banga, Ph.D. Students Working on Next Generation Drug Delivery

Dr. Ajay Banga, professor and chair of pharmaceutical sciences, is taking drug delivery to a new level. His research will be useful in the design of next generation skin patches, which, unlike current patches (such as the nicotine patch or contraceptive hormone patches), may contain large, water-soluble molecules that do not normally cross the skin. Read more >
Dr. Moniri

Ph.D. Students, Professor Work To Reverse Effects of Diabetes

Ph.D. students working with Associate Dean for Research and Associate Professor Dr. Nader Moniri in the College of Pharmacy are conducting a study funded by the National Institutes of Health with the long-term goal of developing a drug to reverse the effects of diabetes. According to the NIH, more than 25 million Americans have the disease. Read more >
Ed Perkins

Dr. Ed Perkins Developing New Tools for Cancer Therapy

Dr. Perkins is a world-class scientist who is developing novel drug delivery systems using artificial chromosomes and bio-engineered stem cells associated with tumors. It promises to improve and save the lives of future generations of cancer patients. Read more >
Dr. Horner

Dr. Kristen Horner ResearchIng the Effects of Psychostimulant Drugs

Dr. Kristen Horner, associate professor in the School of Medicine, is conducting three research projects that focus on drug addiction and the effects of psychostimulant drugs – particularly methamphetamine (METH). Read more >

Penfield College at Mercer University Launches Center for the Study of Narrative

Penfield College of Mercer University (formerly the College of Continuing and Professional Studies) has opened the Center for the Study of Narrative, a multidisciplinary service and research initiative funded by a grant from The Georgia Compassion Project. Read more >

School of Medicine Professor Conducts AIDS/HIV Treatment and Prevention Studies

Dr. Harold Katner, professor of infectious disease in the School of Medicine, has conducted extensive research focused on HIV/AIDS. Globally, more than 34.4 million people are living with HIV/AIDS, according to There is no cure for the disease. Read more >